Elara Collection

Elara Collection




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Elara from Yorali YL-430, YL-432 (30″ and 32″) is a great addition to enhancing kitchen aesthetics. It is designed with a square bowl, sharp corners, under mount installation, sleek design, and commercial-grade brush finish. Additionally, heavy-duty 16-gauge stainless steel makes it scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Buy this centrepiece now!

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Avoid the boring kitchen routine by elevating the new experience with Elara premium quality sink. It is crafted with high-quality features like pre-drilled holes to move water freely from the bottom Sink. Along with these, a sleek design of sharp inside corners ensures easy cleaning. Now, your kitchen will gleam with easy restraint touch-ups. Also, the soundproof coating will free your Sink from noise and condensation.

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