The Rivano workstation sink from the Yorali Collection is designed for the devoted multi-functional kitchen task. Presenting the Rivano collection from the Yorali, a single bowl with undermount double ledges workstation sink made of durable 16 gauge stainless steel.

Rivano Sink delivers an adaptable work solution to optimize the functionality of a workstation. Use it as a bar station or a sink; it offers a wide range of facilities to serve your kitchen.

This strong stainless steel ensures the quality and durability of the sink for daily use. It has a variety of accessories along with the ledge to fulfill your needs for a proper workstation. Resourceful accessories like Grid help to protect the sink from any scratch and keep its quality flawless.

The drain cover and the stainer are the main accessories that make the sink function effectively and safely. Paper Fiber Cutting Board offers an adaptable workstation service to do the cutting process. Further, this sink accessory has a colander with a plastic handle for staining and air-drying food items.

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Since this sink has multiple components, it is considered premium. It has sound-deadening technology to create a peaceful environment. This sink allows a completely safe mode to clean it easily while maintaining the aesthetic look. Protective Round Corners and Commercial-Grade Brushed Finish are the dedicated reasons to make it convenient.

Invest in Rivano for an exceptional workstation sink that lasts with various features to match your required functionalities. Treat your kitchen with this luxurious sink workstation to uplift the appealing design element with fine-quality attributes.

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    Stainless Steel
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    Yorali YL-845, 45-inch single bowl with undermount double ledges workstation sink made of durable 16 gauge stainless steel.

    Dimensions: 45" (W) X 19" (L) X 10" (H)