Types of stainless steel sink finishes


Stainless steel sinks are more well known and reliable in many homes due to their excellent durability, lasting performance and ease of maintenance. The sink finish is an important detail that is sometimes overlooked though. A stainless steel sink’s texture appearance and stain and scratch resistance can all be influenced by its finish.

Selecting a sink finish demands more details for the different kinds of stainless steel sink finishes along with benefits and drawbacks to understand the differences. 

To guide you in choosing the best finish for your selective sink, we’ll give you brief details about those different stainless steel sink finishes with their specific qualities and their use for various types of home use.


Following are the different types of stainless steel sink finishes:

Polished Finish

Polished finish on stainless steel sinks are more common to use and these are more demanding for shiny and smooth surfaces to have a decent sink in the modern kitchen.

Similarly, such kind of finish is resistant to stains water spots and fingerprints it needs less maintenance than other finishes. It should be mentioned that because scratches are more likely to be seen a polished finish may show signs of wear and tear more quickly than other finishes.

Brushed Finish

Beyond other different types of finish, brushed finish is one of the common ones to have a simple look. It has a matte finish and shows some faint brushstrokes over the surface to make it look like elegant. The brushed finish is much better than compared polished finish to bear the wear and tear of high traffic in the kitchen.

Thus, it is good to go for water stains and scratches for a time. It can also accumulate dirt and grime over time, so you don’t need to keep the regular cleaning but maintenance is necessary to keep it in good condition.

Satin Surface

The satin finish is in between as compared to a brushed and polished finish. For individuals who favour a more understated appearance for their sink, it produces a soft smooth appearance with a subtle sheen. Satin offers a more quiet glow and is less reflective than polished. Because it is waterproof to fingerprints and water stains it is also simple to maintain and clean.

But compared to a brushed finish it might show scratches more easily so maintenance is necessary to keep it looking brand new.

Mirror Surface

Mirror finishes are an incredibly reflective and glossy surface of the sink. It adds a glamorous and elegant touch to the kitchen sink. Stainless steel sinks are a famous option for anyone who prefers a sleek and modern look. 

However, it should be noted that this finish can be more inclined to scratches, water stains and fingerprints. 

Further, its finish demands more cleaning and maintenance challenges. So, if you choose the mirror finish for your stainless steel sink to preserve its optimal appearance, be prepared to dedicate more time and resources to cleaning and upkeep.

Finalizing the suitable finish for your stainless steel sink demands a more informed decision that will define the overall look of the kitchen. These are the common finishes that we discussed above, including stain, brushed, and polished.

It’s vital to consider your needs and preferences before choosing a finish because each one has unique advantages and disadvantages. A polished finish can give the appearance of something more sleek and modern but a brushed finish can withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen better. 

A satin finish offers a touch of delicate elegance while a mirror finish exudes luxury and high end. Any finish you choose notwithstanding keep in mind that regular cleaning and upkeep will keep your sink looking its best.


  1. Which kind of finish is most popular for stainless steel sinks?

Polished finishes are most frequently used on stainless steel sinks. The clean contemporary appearance of the sink is attributed to its glossy smooth finish.

  1. Are polished finishes less durable than brushed finishes?

Although polished finishes are better at hiding water spots and scratches brushed finishes might not be as long-lasting. If properly cared for both finishes are fairly stable and durable.

  1. Can areas with a lot of traffic use a mirror finish?

Even though a mirror finish is the most glossy and reflective kind for stainless steel sinks high-traffic areas might benefit more from other options. It’s difficult to maintain its appearance because water stains fingerprints and scratches show up quickly on it.

  1. Can modern kitchens use a satin finish?

In modern kitchens, a satin finish is a good option for use. So, if you are in search of a sink that looks more decent then it is a perfect choice for you. As it has a smooth surface of polished finish that gives a shiny look over the surface.

In addition, it is a suitable option for any kitchen because it is easy to maintain and clean.

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